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Dr. Najifa Choudhury


Dr. Choudhury is a pharmacist, holistic healer and an adjunct professor. She graduated from Wayne State University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy and specialized in geriatric care as an ambulatory care pharmacist. Her passion is educating and empowering others to be the best health advocate for themselves and their loved ones.

She launched ‘Dr. Peace Lily’, a holistic CBD company in 2019 when she realized the knowledge gap and lack of regulations in the CBD industry. With her educational background and passion in plant medicine, she is able to tackle both of these issues and help educate others on natural alternatives. 

In 2021, while growing her company by 5x, she was featured in numerous media publications. Dr. Choudhury speaks at conferences around the country educating about the science behind cannabinoids. She also delivers lectures to other health care providers on pharmacy and cannabis. ‘Bringing you a Peace Offering’ is the mission she is on and empowers those around her to become better health advocates for themselves by learning about Western and Eastern medicine. 



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