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Health Talks w/Dr. Trinh: Two CBD products for pain relief

Founders of Phyto-Zol hemp based topical and Impact Naturals line of CBD Products discuss their recent certification by the Physicians CBD Council.

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Health Talks w/Dr. Trinh: Standord study on THC and your heart

Dr. Alexander Schering joins us to discuss a recent Stanford study on THC and Cannabis on your cardiovascular system.

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Health Talks w/Dr. Trinh: Certfication thru Physician's CBD Council

Join us for a discussion with one more company getting their products certified by the Physician's CBD Council

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Health Talks w/Dr. Trinh-: Cannabanoid reseach chat with LEVEL

Join us for a cannabanoid research chat with LEVEL and the importance of clinical trials in this industry.

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Health Talks w/Dr. Trinh: Physician's CBD COUNCIL

Join us for updates and information about the Physician's CBD COUNCIL.

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