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Welcome to the Physicians Cannabinoid Council

"Physicians Quality Verified" Seal Program



Here is your chance to distinguish your products from the cluster of brands on the market


The Physicians Cannabinoid Council believes great products and brands should be identified by a trusted party, for the safety of consumers and the benefit of the industry in general.

Today, the CBD (and other cannabinoids) market is flooded with products that are not trustworthy and could harm consumers. Nearly 35% to 40% of products found on the market are: 

  • Fake products without potency or CBD in it

  • Tempered Certificate of Analysis (COA) (lab results)

  • Labels not reflecting accurately its content or dosage

  • Higher THC content than acceptable

  • Products containing toxic chemicals, heavy metal, mold, etc. 

Many, in fact too many, products contain toxic chemicals, sometimes from packaging transfer, manufacturing process or ingredients.  

This places at risk consumers who only see nicely designed labels and COAs that can hardly be understood or trusted.

Our Physicians decided to step-in to not regulate, but instead evaluate, test and verify product validity for the safety of consumers.

Outstanding brands, with quality efficacious products, are impacted by this crowded nebulous marketplace.

We bring clarity to consumers and value to truly good products

Survey Says


In a survey to consumers conducted by the PCC and Mace Media Group in 2022, a clear 89.5% of people said they would be inclined to buy a product bearing the Trusted Quality Seal from the Physicians Cannabinoid Council. 


87% declared to have a low understanding of what products contain, and are not at ease with understanding Certificate of Analysis (COA (lab results)).

Want to get your products certified?

Optional Package 

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Product Efficacy Trial

Exclusive to PCC certified brands
Use data as an incremental layer of differentiation



Benefits of getting your products approved by the Physicians Cannabinoid Council (PCC):

  • Credibility and trust: Your products will have the endorsement of doctors and an unbiased organization that validates their efficacy and safety.

  • Recognition and status: You will be seen as a leader in the cannabinoid industry and gain a competitive edge over other brands.

  • Exposure and awareness: Your products will be listed on the PCC website with backlinks, and you will have the right to use the PCC seal on your products, media campaigns, and online or offline presence. You will also have opportunities to be on the podcast Health Talk with Dr. Trinh, network at various events, such as speaking engagements, conferences, webinars, awareness campaigns, and trade fairs.

  • Affordability and value: The cost of certification is low compared to the high rewards it offers. Depending on the quantity of your products, the cost impact ranges from 0.02 cents to 3 cents per product.



The PCC Unbiased Model

  • Selective Sponsorships (no product brands can sponsor the council)

  • No sell of CBD or other cannabinoid products on our site

  • Final products in its packaging is tested, not just the cannabinoid compound

  • Listing of Certified Brands on our site, at trade fairs and literature

  • Transparency on collaborators and partners

  • Process of testing and certification under the control of the PCC and through approved partners

  • Random cross-check of the partners and products

  • Inclusion of small, mid and large brands

  • No personal endorsement of products by the reviewing committee

  • No favoritism or special treatment


Some council members may have developed their own products, and in these few cases, they cannot be part of the product review committee. If they wish for their products to be evaluated, they need to go through the same process as any other brands and need to meet the same criteria.


  • Integrity and transparency

  • Education + Create Market Awareness - Promotion to Consumers and Doctors

  • Collaboration for advancement of research on cannabinoids

"Quality Verified Seal" Program


Here is your chance to distinguish your products from the cluster of brands on the market

Optional Package 

Product Efficacy Trial


Exclusive to PCC certified brands
Use data as an incremental layer of differentiation

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Covalent is proud to be selected as a premier “Physicians Quality Verified” seal program cannabinoid product supplier.

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