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Dr. Pegah Panahi


Dr. Pegah Panahi has spent a lifetime in search of knowledge about pharmaceuticals, herbalism and alternative medicine. While Dr. Panahi began her career in traditional pharmacies as a compounding pharmacist, she was never pleased with how some health establishments functioned.

She was saddened by patients receiving unnecessary recurrent prescriptions that caused addiction to medications. That is why she left outpatient pharmacies and decided to pursue her career as a clinical inpatient pharmacist in acute care settings.

Later she found her passion for geriatrics, and practiced as a clinical consultant pharmacist for Medicare patients. In 2020 she established Hempeutics pharmacy in Huntington Beach California to offer alternatives to the pharmaceutical pain medications and help with drug overdose or addiction. Since then she has successfully worked with hundreds of patients offering cannabis and herbals as an alternative to the highly addictive prescription medications.



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