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Dr. Ruth Fisher


Dr. Fisher is the Co-Founder at CannDynamics, Inc. a technology company dedicated to making cannabis metrics meaningful and conveniently accessible for people who use cannabis to treat their medical conditions. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago and is the author of The Medical Cannabis Primer.

Ruth serves as Cannabis researcher, algorithm building, user data collection and analysis.

She models market dynamics to understand how environments shape outcomes. More specifically, she determines:

  • Which factors are important for shaping outcomes 

  • How the market will likely evolve in the current environment

  • How to change the environment to get a desired outcome


She is an Economist with expertise in:

  • Theoretical and applied modeling and problem-solving

  • Game theory

  • Behavioral economics

  • Data analysis


Her particular interest in: 

  • Technology ecosystem dynamics

  • Technology adoption

  • Healthcare

  • Cannabis and psychedelics

  • Economics of networks and information

  • Creation, management, and capitalization of intellectual capital and intellectual property



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