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Helene Blanchette


Helene Blanchette is an MBA graduate, a respected global senior executive with a diverse and rich career that spanned on multiple continents. She is the president of the Physicians CBD Council, a speaker and author. 

Her former positions include president of MyJane, a company specialized in the development of a women’s CBD wellness-focused channel. Her work was recognized by the Vanguard Media Online group who honored her as Woman of the Year 2021.

Prior to this role, Ms. Blanchette was global vice-president of marketing for the production business of Xerox Corporation. Ms. Blanchette’s competence was recognized globally. Credited for implementing several marketing innovations in Asia and for being the original founder of the Xerox 1:1 lab that has won numerous innovation awards.

Ms. Blanchette has also been actively involved as a member of the board of the Child Creativity Lab, the ACCGC and The UC Santa Barbara School of Engineering.

Her passion for conducting business while rising others led to transforming her business approach with a 360-degree view of Women Helping Women Live Better, starting with fostering women’s brands, supporting women survivors of human trafficking, and launching educational programs.

These successful efforts led to her being honored as Woman of the Year (2021) by Vanguard Media Online.



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