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Physicians Cannabinoid Council Receives Award for Best Consumer Safety-Focused CBD Organization

Many have been turning to CBD for relief when looking for relief from anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain. The CBD market has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, with 20% of Americans using CBD in some form.

However, with the overwhelming popularity of CBD products has come the issue of businesses capitalizing on that popularity by releasing low-quality CBD products that can be ineffective or even dangerous. Moreover, the federal government currently offers no regulation for CBD products, meaning these sub-par products can easily end up on store shelves.

The Physicians Cannabinoid Council has emerged to combat the issue of unregulated CBD products with its recently launched certification program and Physicians Quality Verified Seal. These programs bring the CBD industry closer to the self-regulation necessary to deliver the best, most effective products to consumers.

Physicians Cannabinoid Council Receives Award for Best Consumer Safety-Focused CBD Organization

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Physicians Cannabinoid Council for winning the Stellar Business Award for Best Consumer Safety-Focused CBD Organization. The Physicians Cannabinoid Council has displayed all of the qualities that the Stellar Business Awards look for in an exemplary organization. They excel in areas of consumer safety, quality products, and industry improvement, making them the easy choice to receive this award.

Nationwide CBD Quality Support

Since its inception, the Physicians Cannabinoid Council has generated much-deserved buzz and outstanding feedback from professionals in the CBD industry. The Physician’s Quality Verified Seal program has been especially lauded by CBD companies and providers, who now have a way of proving their level of quality against the competition.

With the Physicians Cannabinoid Council’s highly credentialed members and the level of educational support they lend to both CBD providers and consumers, the Stellar Business Awards is happy to endorse the Council with this award for their service, which is applicable nationwide.

CBD Oversight Excellence

The Physicians Cannabinoid Council is comprised of a group of physicians, including those in family medicine, internal medicine, rheumatology, endocrinology, nephrology, and pain management. These industry veterans all support the use of CBD within their practices and want to educate the public on proper use and finding quality CBD products. Officially launched in October of 2022, they have quickly become the gold standard in CBD oversight.

The Physicians Cannabinoid Council’s award was announced on the Stellar Business Awards website, as well as on our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages. The Council has been presented with a certificate and a physician Stellar Business trophy to confirm them as winners of this award.

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