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Frequently Asked Questions



What does it mean to the consumers?

For a seal or claim to be highly rated, standards must exist and those standards need to mean what consumers typically think they should mean. There are only few ways a consumer can verify if the content of the product is legitimate, clean and with accurate dosage.  It would be difficult, costly and time consuming for any consumers to try to find out if the information is real. 

In fact, a in a survey to consumers conducted by the PCC and Mace Media Group in 2022, a clear and decisive 89.5% of people responded yes (69%) maybe (20%) to the question: Would you be more inclined to buy a product bearing the Trusted Quality Seal from the Physicians Cannabinoid Council? While 87% declared to have a low understanding or awareness of what products contain, and are not at ease with understanding Certificate of Analysis (COA). A study conducted by the FDA in 2020 revealed that 64% of products tested contained illegal level of THC. Anecdotal studies conducted demonstrated that nearly 25 to 40% (depending on tested batches) of products labeled as CBD contains no CBD at all.  

What the seal means for consumers is that the PCC will have done the verification for them and that the PCC trust that the product meets the highest standards.  As any food or supplements, the PCC cannot guarantee or claim that someone will not be allergic to a product or that it does not interact with medication the consumer may take. What we ensure, is that we have tested the cleanness of the product and verified that brand claims, as well as content and potency claims are trusted.  

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