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Frequently Asked Questions



How to renew the seal license?

Yes, a license to use the Physicians Trusted Quality Seal (PTQS) is only valid for one year and only if the product consistently continues to meet the requirements of the (PTQS) program. The right to use the seal needs to be renewed on a yearly basis.  In the event that a company does not renew or stop meeting the quality standards of the PTQS certification, the company would need to stop using the seal on any future batch of that product and would need to remove from marketing material, including website, the mention of the certification and its visual associated content.

The cost of renewal varies according to production capacity and has a caped price ceiling to avoid out of reach pricing. Contact the physicians CBD council to understand the renewal fee according to your profile.  

A seal from a group of unbiased physicians council with high integrity brings a consumer safety guard, help establish market standards and distinguish the very good brands from the thousands of nebulous quality products on the market.

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