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Frequently Asked Questions



What if my product fails the certification test?

There are two areas of the certification process where the product can fail to pass:

  1. The $600 application fee is non-reimbursable and if the company or its product manufacturing process does not meet the standard, a report with the details of where the company failed will be provided.  If the company corrects the situation and resubmit the application, no extra cost will be charged.  If the company fails the application and does not continue, the $600 is not reimbursed and the company will have to resubmit a new application and repay the fee if they wish to submit a new product.

  2. When a company’s application is accepted, it means the product will go to the second phase of label review and testing and the company will need to settle the remaining $1500 to continue the process.  If at this stage the product testing fails, a failure identification report will be issued to the brand company.  

If you choose to correct the situation and resubmit the product for testing, the cost of handling and retesting will be $650. 

If you chose to abandon the process and not retest, the original payment of $1500 will be lost and non-reimbursable.

Unfortunately, even some lab reports have been found tempered with or have little to no transparency of data. In our review, we determine through verification the information provided by the brand.  We use a third-party lab “certified compliant” by the state of California (one of the strictest states) and the DEA, and factor our findings into every approval decision.

Verification can mean different things for different cannabis-derived products. The reason why we test the final product is to ensure that toxic chemicals, such as lead, are not transferred to the final product, by its packaging. 

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