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Data, Not Reviews - Better Product Insights

Why should patients and consumers care more about data than reviews? Let’s get into it. Have you ever had a bad experience with a product, service, or establishment that motivated you enough to leave a… very detailed review? Sharing your less-than-ideal experience? I’m sure you know what I mean. What about the other extreme? Did you have an amazing experience with a product, service, or establishment and thought you had to let the world know how awesome your experience was? What would the rest of us do without these individuals giving us the good and the bad for all things we are interested in? Clearly, reviews are a significant factor in our purchasing decisions. If not, sites like Yelp and Amazon wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

When it comes to health and wellness-related products though, patients and consumers deserve better than subjective reviews into the good and bad extremes.

And by better, I really mean more. More clarity. More insight. More consistency. More transparency.

Let’s run with the two extremes mentioned above as examples. In both situations that’s

a one-off experience that one individual had. What we are really looking at is an incomplete snapshot of the emotional state that one individual was in during the exact moment they felt motivated enough to write the review. Seems like there could be some bias there.

For deciding where you want to eat, maybe that's good enough. And if others echo the reviews that adds a certain level of confidence and credibility.

But in the health and wellness product market, patients and consumers deserve better.

With a review, you have no idea how real those comments are. Or, if you are going to experience the same thing the reviewer did. With real-world data, we can help you have a higher degree of confidence in what to expect regarding product performance vs random outcomes.

Data Backed By Physicians

We established the importance of Data, Not Reviews. What makes it even better is when that data is backed by physicians.

This is why we teamed up with the Physicians CBD Council. Together we can raise the standard even more for consumer insights.

The Physician CBD Council educates patients, industry leaders, and doctors on the functions of the endocannabinoid system and the potential health benefits or risks associated with taking cannabinoid-derived products. Furthering this effort, the Physician CBD Council is now evaluating product’s real purity and safety, through thorough testing and factual verifications to provide products with the Physicians Quality Verified seal.

By combining PCC’s seal with the real-world data we collect on product use and performance, we provide individuals with the most trusted path to search, find, and purchase quality products.

Power of the People

Ultimately by focusing on Data, Not Reviews, we are putting the power back in the hands of you, the patient and consumer. You can take charge of not only your own health and wellness by better understanding how product(s) are really impacting you. At the same time you are helping countless others.

You are taking some of the power away from branded marketing and promotional campaigns and putting it back into the hands of the people. Because when real data insights are available and there’s transparency on product performance, it doesn’t matter how the brand is marketing the product. It doesn’t matter what they are trying to sell you on. The proof is in the data.

This is another big motivator behind what we do. Helping individuals learn from the real-world experiences of each other. Letting products with the best quality and best performance rise to the top.

You can contribute to the push for Data, Not Reviews, every time you use and cannabis or CBD product by tracking your use and experience in Releaf App. Releaf is the top-rated app for individuals to track and improve their use of cannabis and CBD. You can download Releaf for free in the iOS or Google Play store.

To learn more about MoreBetter and ReleafApp and product efficacy testing contact

To learn more about the Physicians Cannabinoid Council and the Physicians Quality Verified Seal, contact

by Tyler Dautrich

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