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Leading Group of Cannabinoid Physicians Support First Of Its Kind Study with Researchers


Los Angeles, California: The Physicians Cannabinoid Council, an organization with over 35 renown healthcare professionals as active members, announce their support of a first of its kind cannabinoid research study led by researchers at the University of Michigan and MoreBetter (Releaf App). The study will lay the groundwork for understanding what formulations and dosing regimens could be most efficacious for Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis.The biggest challenge for healthcare professionals with cannabinoid-based medicine is the lack of evidence in product formulation and dosing. Most published studies only evaluate if cannabis or CBD is effective. This leaves practitioners and patients left to guess and begin a trial-and-error process to find what formulation and dosing works best. In addition to advancing the general knowledge on cannabinoids as a medicine, the results from this study will better educate and equip practitioners and patients.

“We are excited to collaborate with MoreBetter and the University of Michigan. When it comes to the topic of “CBD”, our patients are already taking these products and are “waiting at the finish line” for researchers and medical professionals to catch up with much needed clinical trials. This study moves the needle forward to provide important data for physicians and patients alike”, says Dr. Dung Trinh, MD, founder of the Physicians CBD Council (PCC).

“The Physicians Cannabinoid Council (PCC) welcomes the opportunity to extend our collaboration with MoreBetter and the University of Michigan for this crucial study. Without valuable research and data on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis-derived products, both doctors and patients navigate with uncertainty”, says Helene Blanchette, President of the PCC. “This is well aligned with our focus on consumer safety, education and cannabis research collaboration; hence we are pleased to participate in the recruiting effort to push this needed study forward.”

Study products have been quality verified & tested by the PCC, which removes worries for participants. All study products are in the form of tablets and capsules. The study sponsors, LEVEL and Overcome, are providing eligible participants with hundreds of dollars in savings on a 12-week supply of study product. Participants can participate in this study from the comfort and safety of their home by using their smartphone.

Those who complete the study may receive up to $500 in Amazon Gift Cards. Individuals interested in enrolling can do so at

“Pain is one of the most common conditions people use medical cannabis to treat, and the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has concluded that cannabis is effective in pain relief,” says Daniel Kruger, PhD, the study’s Principal Investigator. “This conclusion is just the beginning; we need more research to know how to optimize pain relief with cannabis. This cross-sector partnership is critical for overcoming regulatory barriers to cannabis research and enhancing trust by including independent academic researchers.”

“To become a reliable form of medicine the cannabis industry needs to move beyond strain names and labeling products as indicas, hybrids, and sativas,” says Tyler Dautrich, COO of MoreBetter Ltd., the company behind Releaf App. “Efficacy data focused on product formulations and dosing will allow practitioners and patients to make more informed decisions on where to begin treatment. Laying the ground work for this to become a reality is one of the many reasons this is an important study.”

“Cannabinoids have a myriad of therapeutic properties, and we’re just starting to define their positive impact on human health,” said LEVEL Founder and CEO Chris Emerson, PhD. “At LEVEL, we’re dedicated to conducting research, pushing the scientific boundaries, and driving consumer education about cannabinoids, which facilitates our unique approach to developing innovative cannabis products. Leveraging real-world clinical evidence on the potential health benefits of cannabis will shape the future of the industry, and LEVEL is excited to participate in this important work.”

“We have received great anecdotal reviews as to our Active Relief formulation to date but having a formal study on the product compared to other product formulas is essential for furthering the future of cannabinoid medicine, not just for Overcome but the industry at large,” explained Annie Rouse, Founder of Overcome. “Given our formulary research we are confident that our product will help the patients in the study overcome pain and inflammation and we look forward to the feedback provided.”

About MoreBetter MoreBetter (dba Releaf App) is a data insights Software-as-a-Service provider and contract research organization supported by patent-pending technology that collects real-world evidence-based outcomes from cannabis & hemp consumers to benefit businesses, medical professionals, researchers, government organizations, and affiliated stakeholders in the cannabis supply chain. MoreBetter uses information collected in Releaf App to provide data-backed insights on seed-to-outcome trends that inform industry best practices and improve the consumer experience.

About the University of Michigan and the Principal Investigator The University of Michigan (UM) is ranked #1 in research volume among U.S. research universities, with over $1.5 billion in research expenditures in 2021. UM is consistently ranked among the top for both U.S. public universities and university reputations globally. Daniel Kruger, PhD, has published over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles on the medicinal use of cannabis, including in the top journals in the field.

About the Physicians Cannabinoid Council (PCC) The Physicians Cannabinoid Council (AKA Physicians CBD Council) started in 2019. It is composed of 30+ physicians & nurse practitioners who excel in their field of specialty, while choosing to educate their patients and support the field of cannabis research for potential therapeutic health benefits. Board of advisors includes renown specialists in the field of family medicine, internal medicine, rheumatology, pain management, endocrinology, psychiatry, nephrology, and more. The PCC focuses on consumer safety, education and medical research collaboration. It is the home of the “Physicians Quality Verified” trusted seal program.

About LEVEL LEVEL is a science-driven cannabis company at the forefront of cannabinoid research and innovation that is passionate about helping to guide humans with the information and products they need to make informed decisions and take action. We launched LEVEL with one goal in mind: to create unique, targeted, effects-based cannabis products by formulating cannabinoids in ratios inaccessible from the plant alone.

About OP Innovates Overcome LLC, a subsidiary of OP Innovates, is a natural supplement brand that formulates for optimized absorption, targeted recovery and responsive results. Overcome uses patented, organic bioavailability technology, powered by Naturia+, and science-based formulations to empower you to achieve your desired lifestyle. Initially started with the mission of supporting our Founders journey to overcome Lyme Disease, Overcome donates 1% of sales to Lyme Disease research and education. At Overcome we believe the first step is to say you can!

For further information

Contact: Tyler Dautrich, COO at MoreBetter | 610-406-7505

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